The HOVERBOARD-SET Upgrade Kit Transforms A Skateboard Into A Hoverboard!!

Advantages & Specs Of The First Ever Real Outdoor Hoverboard:
  • Hi-tech antigravity upgrade set that transforms a skateboard into a HOVERBOARD
  • Overcomes gravity through graviton field emission at the hover-skids
  • Levitates indoors & outdoors above any terrain – all liquid, solid, or even frozen surfaces
  • Only 37% Friction compared to a conventional skateboard
  • Floats freely at 0.23 m (= 9.1″) hover altitude and carries 230 kg (= 507.1 lbs) of payload
  • Self-powered by a zero-CO² emission onboard energy source for unlimited free electricity
  • No external power cord, battery charging or similar is required for operation
  • Ready to go DIY-kit: no tools needed – easy assembly by enclosed adhesive stickers
  • The HOVERBOARD-Set fits to any skateboard by simply attaching it under the deck – that's it
  • Short time sales offer for a worldwide strictly lim. edt. of 666 pcs of which are just 334 for sale!
  • Cheap price of just 3 000 € including 100% FUNCTIONALITY OR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is This Really A Real Hoverboard?
    Yes, this actual working HOVERBOARD-SET is a microelectronic device to transform a conventional skateboard into an absolutely real floating antigravity hoverboard, exactly as seen in the movie "Back To The Future II".
  • Does It Need Any External Power Source?
    No, the HOVERBOARD-SET is completely equipped with a stand-alone onboard power source, which is installed in the same self adhesive pcb IC chip as the electronics that make it float permanently. Thus the range of the HOVERBOARD-SET is unlimited, as it is powered by an ever-running over-unity device!
  • Is The Hover Effect Continuous?
    Yes, the HOVERBOARD-SET hovers a hoverboard forever.
  • Does It Work Above Water Too?
    Yes, the HOVERBOARD-SET functions in any weather, and it hovers over any dry (e.g. sand) / hard (sreets), wet (rain) / liquid (sea) or even frozen (snow / ice) surfaces as base ground.
  • Can I use LED light strips as shown in the HOVERBOARD-SET promo video clip?
    Yes, and as an added special benefit, you can use it to power anything from <1W up to 3,500kWh of power consumption.

The HOVERBOARD-SET Package Includes:

Everything To Run The Hoberboard:
  • 1× Non-Stop Positronic Electricity Generator & Graviton-Field Antigravity Emitter PCB IC Chip (Patent Pending) + 1× Silicon Adhesive Dot. The IC chip has a compact design, measures 6 × 6 × 1mm, weighs < 0.3g and is fully waterproof (IPX8)
  • 1× 1.2 m wire (aka Hover-Sliding Glide Skids, to attach under the skateboard) + 4× Adhesive Stickers
  • 1× Easy-to-Understand Pictured Instruction Manual
  • Holographic Vinyl Sticker "HOVERBOARD" 20cm × 2.9cm (= 7.87″ × 1.14″) as a Cool Design Element

Providing evidence during a hearing with demonstration at the German Patent Office at about the mid 06/2023.
The groundbreaking technology inside the hoverboard's IC chip is powered autonomously and autarkic by its integrated on-board power source (auto-electro-perpetuum mobile of the first kind), that actually produces infinite amounts of new positronic electricity for an unlimited time absolutely free of charge. The positrons emit a graviton field that generates real antigravity. Energy production formula: Σ +ΔE=m·c²·Δg² :(m/s²)² | t→ꝏ

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Finally future has arrived – brand NEW high tech to change the world forever

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The Hoverboard Of Hoverboards: drive futuristic – as gently as flying on fluffy clouds

Free Shipping Worldwide! The first purchased Hoverboard-Sets will be dispatched on Saturday, June-10-2023. Delivery estimated within 2-14 days after receipt of payment (depending on the distance to the delivery location / local delivery service) — the Hoverboard-Set is presented by a new European tech start-up led by the inventor

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Brief description of the Hoverboard-Set electronics:
The Hoverboard-Set generates artificial antigravity through a self-emitted levitation force (space-drive technology) that allows to let a skateboard float off the ground freely in the air while it hovers silently over (solid / liquid surfaces of) any terrain on the Earth's electrostatic field, electrically operated by a sustainable autonomously and autarkic resource-free motionless onboard power source that is implemented on one IC chip along with the graviton-field antigravity emitter, and to which is attached a bare flexible wire that acts as hover-sliding glide-skids.

Hoverboard patent granted by the German Patent Office on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 :
Hoverboard patent

Watch out for Hovercars soon to come!