Advantages & Specs Of The First Ever Real Outdoor Hoverboard :
  • Hi-tech anti-gravity upgrade set that transforms a skateboard into a HOVERBOARD
  • Overcomes gravity through graviton-field emission at the hover-skid
  • Levitates indoors & outdoors above any terrain – all liquid, solid, or even frozen surfaces
  • Hovers ground-contactless with only 37% Friction compared to a conventional skateboard
  • Levitates freely at 0.23 m (9.1″) height and carries 230 kg (507.1 lbs) of payload
  • Self-powered by a zero-CO² emission onboard energy source for unlimited free electricity
  • No external power cord, battery charging or similar is required for operation
  • Ready to go DIY-kit: no tools needed – easy assembly by enclosed adhesive stickers
  • The HOVERBOARD-SET fits to any skateboard by simply attaching it under the deck – that's it
  • Short time sales offer for a worldwide strictly lim. edt. of 666 pcs of which are just 334 for sale!
  • Cheap price of just 3 000 € including 100% FUNCTIONALITY OR MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE


Is This Really A Flying Hoverboard?

Yes, this actual working HOVERBOARD-SET is a microelectronic device to transform a conventional skateboard into an absolutely real levitating anti-gravity hoverboard, exactly as seen in the movie “Back To The Future II”.
Does It Need Any External Power Source?

No, the HOVERBOARD-SET is completely equipped with a stand-alone onboard power source, which is installed in the same self adhesive PCB IC chip as the electronics that make it levitate permanently. Thus the range of the HOVERBOARD-SET is unlimited, as it is powered by an ever-running over-unity device!
Is The Hover Effect Continuous?

Yes, the HOVERBOARD-SET hovers a Hoverboard forever.
Does It Work Above Water Too?

Yes, the HOVERBOARD-SET functions in any weather, and it hovers over any dry (e.g. sand) / hard (sreets), wet (rain) / liquid (sea) or even frozen (snow / ice) surfaces as underground.
Can I use LED light strips as shown in the HOVERBOARD-SET promo video clip?

Yes, and as an additional special benefit, you can use it to operate everything electrically from < 1W up to 3,500kWh of power consumption.


The HOVERBOARD-SET Package Includes Everything To Run A Hoberboard:
  • 1 × Non-Stop Positronic Electricity Generator & Graviton-Field Anti-Gravity Emitter PCB IC Chip (Patent Pending) + 1 × Silicon Adhesive Dot. The IC chip has a compact design, measures 10 × 10 × 1mm, weighs < 0.4g and is fully waterproof (IPX8)
  • 1 × 1.2 m wire (aka Gliding Hover Skid, to attach under the skateboard) + 4 × Adhesive Stickers
  • 1 × Easy-to-Understand Pictured Instruction Manual
  • 1 × Holographic Vinyl Sticker “HOVERBOARD” 20cm × 2.9cm (= 7.87″ × 1.14″) as an additiional Cool Design Element
Pure modern black design - there is no logo affixed to the product.


IBAN: DE 7220 0411 1104 4609 3700
AMOUNT: € 3 000 [ ≈ US $ 3,300 ]
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Drive futuristic – as gently as flying on fluffy clouds
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The HOVERBOARD-SET – Now To The Future
Free Shipping Worldwide! The product will be drop-shipped to your doorstep at the click of a button. The first HOVERBOARD-SETS purchased will be dispatched Monday, January 08th 2024. Delivery estimated within 2-14 days after receipt of payment (depending on the distance to the delivery location / local delivery service).
The HOVERBOARD-SET is presented by a new European tech start-up led by the inventor
For any serious (!) questions regarding the HOVERBOARD-SET one may contact this email:

The HOVERBOARD-SET is providing technical evidence for artificial anti-gravity during a hearing with demonstration at the German Patent Office at the mid of January 2024.
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Finally future has arrived – brand NEW high tech to change the world forever

The groundbreaking technology inside the Hoverboard's PCB IC chip is powered autonomously and autarkic by its integrated on-board power source (auto electro Perpetuum mobile of the first kind), that actually produces infinite amounts of new positronic electricity for an unlimited time absolutely free of charge. The positrons emit a graviton-field that generates real anti-gravity. The energy production quantum gravity formula is:
Σ + ΔE=m·c²·Δg² :(m/s²)² | t→ꝏ
One HOVERBOARD-SET will go to the “Institute for Gravitational Research at the Göde Foundation” to participate in the “Göde Prize for Gravity Research”. The “Göde reward for gravity research” is an innovative prize. The intent of this prize is to influence gravity with presently unknown methods. Applicants must successfully design, construct and complete an experiment with specified performance characteristics. An at least 20 gram heavy device or the assembly itself, is required to float freely at least 1 minute at a minimum distance of 10 cm from any surface. “Applicants must submit an operating assembly that is capable to prove that the experiment exclusively has direct influence on gravity.”


Brief description of the HOVERBOARD-SET electronics:
The HOVERBOARD-SET generates artificial anti-gravity through a self-emitted levitation force (space-drive technology) that allows to let a skateboard float off the ground freely in the air while it hovers silently over (solid / liquid surfaces of) any terrain on the Earth's electrostatic field, electrically operated by a sustainable autonomously and autarkic resource-free motionless onboard power source that is implemented on one IC chip along with the graviton-field anti-gravity emitter, and to which is attached a bare flexible wire that acts as gliding hover skid.

Hoverboard patent granted by the German Patent Office on Tuesday, January 16, 2024 :
Hoverboard patent granted

Come Back To The Future
Watch out for Hovercars soon to come!